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Restoration of the Month

before picture restoration


Left to right: Sisters Risa (eldest), Ella (Sandra's Mom), Hilda, Blanch, Maria Schwartz (mom).  Maria and Risa did no survive the concentration camps in Austria.  Hilda, Blanch and Ella left Austria just before Hitler marched into the city of Vienna. Not speaking any English, Hilda and Ella stayed in England until after the war. Blanche was the first to immigrate to New York where she lived and died, never marrying. Hilda stayed in England, married and died about 10 years ago from complications of diabetes. Sandra's mother Ella died about 9 years ago from complications due to heart failure. Sandra's daughter, age 5 is named after Sandra's mother - Ella. Her name is Ellie.

Henry, Maria's husband, died in one of the Austrian wars probably shortly before the picture was taken. Ella recalled he died when she was 5 which puts the picture very close to his death. When Ella left Austria for England as a young girl, this picture was the only thing she brought with her. 

"It was her only memory of her mother and sisters as children, and therefore, my only memory to pass on to my daughter."  Sandra 2000


Background change and extension

Requested output for this restoration was to 10x8.  This format would also allow for the standard 20x16 to canvas. Canvas extended, darkened, old curtain texture inserted at 18%, 400 dpi silhouette of The Postman's Rose inserted at 10%, de-saturated 50% thus retaining original ambience and color with a loving artist touch.  Check back for full colorize.
the PhotoSurgeon



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